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Cumberland Gang Show

To our audience, Cumberland Gang Show is two hours of live, fast-moving, musical comedy theatre for all the family. It's packed with loads of fun, fantastic sets and costumes and some wonderfully catchy songs and dances.


Cumberland Gang Show...

... is a great place for young people to develop self confidence and learn teamwork.  From age 10 and upwards, members of the Gang are developed through the medium of self expression and motivated to widen their Scouting and Guiding experience through the fellowship of other young people.

Comet Cast - Gang Show for 7-8 year olds 

In 2015 we are offering an exciting opportunity for younger Scouts and Guides aged 7 to 8 as we continue our successful ‘Comet Cast'. The ‘Comets’ will have a special opportunity to be part of the Gang and experience what it is like to be on stage as part of the Show with a limited rehearsal schedule and a significantly reduced amount to learn, to give them a taste of being on stage.

Scout & Guide Groups - would you like to host a Gang Show workshop?

We have dedicated workshop teams who would love to visit your group, run a fun self-expression activity and tell you all about our upcoming Auditions for our 2015 show. To make a booking email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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